RFSU – The Big Tease

Valtech RADON

The Digital Creative Competition

Digital Creative Competition (DCC) 2021 is now over and it is with great pleasure that we can tell you that our first edition of DCC has been well received by the advertising / and communications industry.

In total throughout the Nordic region, we landed on 108 grants, which is absolutely fantastic.

Many thanks to everyone who participated and sent in contributions, it has been a privilege to see all the wonderful ideas and get to take part in the creativity that exists in our elongated country.

Now we are aiming for 2022 and it is our hope that you want to participate and compete then again.


RFSU – The Big Tease

In March, RFSU will release a collection of 13 different sex toys. For the launch of the series, we will create a campaign physically teasing the coming products beneath a 3D sheet. Underneath the “plastic” sheet animated in 3D, which covers the entire placement, we see couples, body parts, as well as the 13 different sex toys pushing up against the surface. Teasing the sexual exploration the toys open up for.  Some bodies will appear normal size underneath the sheet, while certain body parts or toys will appear over-dimensional and cover the entire screen.  Behind the “sheet” appears a mix of sex toys, body parts, couples hooking up, featuring a broad representation of sexualities, gender identities, body types and expressions—everything from an oversized butt plug to a giant hand carrying a dildo and so on. The sheet allows us to hint at explicit content or shapes while staying on the right side of local advertising restrictions. Our messaging invites people to “Explore their sexuality with RFSU Sense Me Sex Toys – coming soon”


More information

If you have any questions or need more information? Contact us and we will be happy to help you! It is possible to plan a brainstorm or a meeting to explore the possibilities with our team members.

Reach out at: dccnordics@oceanoutdoor.fi